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One of the things I find totally bizarre on social media is when I notice peoples comments saying “I love your hair Emma!” or “How do you keep your hair so long and lovely?”. It does make me chuckle a little – my hair is far from perfect. In fact, after years of bleaching, colour disasters and over styling, I’m actually not too happy with the current health of my hair. Last year I had my hair bleached twice in the space of a week following a colour mess up, which left my hair breaking continuously for the months that followed. 2015 has kind of been a ‘recovery’ year for the barnet, where I spent six months growing my natural colour through to literally give my hair a well deserved break.

The nice thing about the situation is that I learnt a lot about hair health, and measures to take to get your hair back on track and growing to it’s optimum, healthy state. So in response to some of the social media comments I get, I wanted to put this post together to highlight my personal tips on how to maintain and achieve long, healthy hair…

what emma did
what emma did
1. Be Careful With Brushing
The amount of times you brush your hair and the pressure you apply when doing this can have a nasty effect on your hair. When hair is wet, try to finger-comb your hair as best you can before combing with a wide tooth comb, tangle teaser or gentle brush once hair becomes damp. De-tangling brushes are marvellous at getting the knots and tangles free – I usually start at the ends and then work my way up, and boy have I seen a difference!

2. Take Hair Vitamins
If you have never looked into taking a hair supplement before, it can be a little bit of a minefield. I’ve been taking hair vitamins for the past year, but more recently switched to Hairfinity after seeing so many lovely reviews on them. I knew that in order to nourish and grow my hair to it’s optimum, I needed to be making sure I have a healthy intake of nutrients and vitamins, so I checked out what Hairfinity contained and found the following list: Horsetail, Vitamin A, Methylsulfonylmethane, Hydrolyzed Collagen, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Calcium and Folic Acid.  I take 2 capsules a day, and after almost three months of taking these, I have noticed the regrowth feels a lot stronger, thicker and healthier. The breakage section of my hair from last years bleaching disaster has grown a lot further down my head now in a result from a more speedy growth of new hair, which is exactly what I wanted. I’m hoping to take these for a further 3 months to be able to asses a 6 month improvement, which I’ll be documenting on the blog of course!

3. Reduce Heat Application
This is one that I’m pretty good at putting into practice, but I know for the majority of you it can be pretty hard. My hair is really fine, therefore doesn’t take long to blowdry, and is naturally straight which means limited straightener use. However, if you have thick, coarse, curly or frizz prone hair, it can be hard to lay off the heat. Try to towel dry hair after washing and leave to dry naturally for at least 15 minutes before blasting with the hairdryer. Attempt using a lower heat setting, and invest in nourishing heat protection products, which brings me to my next point…

4. Use Quality Products and Treatments
A few years ago, I didn’t think the brand or ingredients of hair products mattered too much, and ‘conditioner was just conditioner’. However, I have found out from experience that using products with a quality ingredients list really can make a difference. I’ve been using the Essentious Hair Care range which includes a shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask, and I feel they have really moisturised my hair more than the cheaper brands I have used, taming the broken bleached bits and making it feel more manageable. An intense hair treatment once a week is also recommended – I’ve noticed that when I give myself half an hour to relax with a hair mask on, my hair feels revitalised so much when I rinse it off. Great for restoring some health and moisture back into the hair, which helps longer hair look healthier, pro-longing the time you need to get it cut.

5. Trim The Ends
By this, I don’t mean book in to get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks like the rumours say. I’m sure that’s just an old wives tale passed around for years. It’s actually OK to get your hair trimmed just whenever you feel it’s OK – but if you are focusing on growing your hair longer, healthier and thicker looking, it could be worth getting a blunt trim once every three months to ensure the scraggly ends are goners. A blunt trim doesn’t have to be an inch – just literally a tidy up, and blunt ends give the illusion of thicker hair!

6. Avoid Bleaching
Arghhhh this is where I have gone wrong over the years. With this tip, I don’t mean it applies to everyone, as some of you have naturally thick, strong, resistance hair than can take bleach appliances time after time. For the girls like me who have finer, flyaway hair, perhaps look at switching bleach to a lightening tint to add subtle highlights. It’s a lot more gentle for hair and prevents having the disaster I had…

The photos above are showing what my hair currently looks like, and trust me it’s a lot stronger and longer than it was this time last year. I really do put it down to using a decent hair vitamin supplement which really works from the inside out, and I’m looking forward to continuing my usage of Hairfinity. I’ll be sure to put another post together in a few months time to document more changes…

And there you go – a couple of my little handy hair helping tips. Enjoy putting into practice (if you need to!)

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