Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum and Masque Review

I’m currently on a serious mission to grown my hair. Not just hair length, but I’m aiming to improve the thickness and overall condition of my hair too. It’s been over processed and bleached far too much in the last twelve months, so I am making it my duty to grow out the harsh blonde and hope for longer, thicker and healthier looking locks.

The amount of breakage and snapping ends during the past few months alerted me to give my hair a well deserved break. I last got my hair coloured with half a head of highlights back in March, and since then I have been growing my natural colour through.

It’s going to take a long time to get a full head of natural hair colour in a tip top condition, but if I don’t start now, I’ll never do it!

grow gorgeous
grow gorgeous
As well as stopping the bleach, I’ve been researching into hair care products which aim to promote healthy hair growth and can assist me during this hair journey. A brand that I found particularly interesting is Grow Gorgeous, which offers a product range of masques, serums, shampoos, conditioners and treatment products to encourage growth and care for your hair.

The one’s I have been trying are the lovely packaged Hair Growth Serum, £29.99, and the Overnight to Gorgeous Hair Masque, £19.99. The serum comes in a chunky little bottle with a pipette type applicator to avoid messy applications. Serums can be fairly greasy to apply, so I appreciated the ease of using this applicator to add a few drops of the serum to my scalp before massaging this in before bedtime.

My hair is very fine, therefore I only need two to three  drops to avoid making my hair look a little greasy. For thicker hair, I would up this to three or four drops.  The product has an advanced formula containing a complex blend of 7 technologies which claim to help hair appear visibly longer, thicker and fuller looking.

The above photo on this post is my hair before I started using both these products, and the one below is after 9 weeks.

I’ve been using them both for almost 3 months now, and I have noticed that since using this every evening, my roots seem to have appeared super visible! Which means faster hair growth, right? Right!

I definitely think in terms of speeding up the growing process, this serum is working it’s magic. I can’t comment on thickness yet until I see more growth, but it smells delightful, so I’m more than happy to continue trying! I try to only massage it on at night with my roots being quite fine, as I risk the greasy look if I was to use it in the morning. I mean, I doubt this would happen as the serum is actually great to use, but just incase…

Here is my hair today…

I am due a good hair cut though as I haven’t had a trim for a good 5 months!

As for the hair masque, I’m also under the impression that so far, so good. This is a product I don’t use every evening at the moment, more like a few nights a week when I know I am going to wash my hair in the shower the following morning.

I simply apply a towel to my pillow, massage in a generous amount of masque to my hair, sleep, and rinse out the next day! Again, this smells divine – a lovely calming scent whilst drifting off to sleep certainly makes me excited to use this on the chosen nights. I feel that it works as an intensive conditioner to really help get my hair in a more silky, smooth ‘state of hair’.

This is probably down to it’s fantastic hair loving ingredients: an expert blend of hyaluronic acid, purified mushroom and tamarind derivatives which combine with Amazonian acai and palm oils.

grow gorgeous
When I wash this out, I skip conditioning as the masque has done all the work overnight. I can definitely rate this for improving the condition and healthy look and feel of hair. Sometimes a good haircare regime really needs hero products that work together to really deliver results, and that’s how I currently feel about this brand.

The Grow Gorgeous Serum along with the Grow Gorgeous Overnight Masque seem to work in harmony to encourage growth yet promote healthy, shiny, well conditioned locks…

Grow Gorgeous is available from a range of retailers such as Boots and LookFantastic and HQ Hair, but you can find out more about the brand and all it’s lovely products at the Grow Gorgeous Website.


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  1. tohfa kabir
    July 26, 2015 / 8:29 am

    Miss Emma, Can you give an update whether this product (serum) is making your hair thicker? I have very thin hair, I want to grow more hairs to make it look thick.
    Thank you.

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