Beauty: The Glow Getter

I’ve been meaning to rave about a product for the past month, and with schedules being busy, it slipped my mind again and again. However, after recieveing a compliment earlier today about my lovely golden glowing cheeks, I decided I could really do with sharing my recent beauty secret!

The shimmery highlighter sitting pretty above my cheek bones and temples is down to a highlighter called Sunrise, by Topshop’s make-up range. When you open the lid, you notice the golden shimmer particles instantly shining, as it looks extremely shimmery even from first glance! It looks a little like crushed gold leaf, mixed with a sunkissed bronzer…

The key is –  a little goes a long way. Take a small sweep with a bronzer brush and lightly tap onto the skin at the top of your cheeks, and up towards your  temples. I usually put MAC ‘Sunbasque’ blusher on first, sweeping it across my cheeks. I then take the Topshop highlighter and lightly pat on. I absolutely love the result – the highlighter brightens up my face and actually makes it look more ‘alive’ if that makes sense!

Other bonuses: Cute packaging (it’s Topshop, this was to be expected!) great price (£8!) and adds a touch of bronze colour to cheeks as well as highlighting.

I cannot rave about this item enough! I had only nipped into Topshop before my holiday in June to purchase some little accessories for my hair, and luckily it just caught my eye. At the moment it’s sold out online, but keep an eye on it coming back, and check instores! For those MAC users out there, I do recommend the highlighter works really well with their ‘Sunbasque’ blusher, it really compliments the colour and enhances the shimmer. I’ve added a little photo to the side of this piece that was taken a couple of weeks ago when I wore the highlighter for an evening out. Sorry it’s not the clearest, but hopefully it gives you a better idea of the results I’ve been raving about!

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