Beauty: Getting a Mid Length Blonde ‘Lob’ + Other Changes

Do you ever get that feeling that over half of the year has passed (eight out of twelve months to be precise) and you haven’t really made a significant change to anything? All those new years resolutions you made about how you’re going to tone up, improve your skin, get a new car, launch your own business and then potentially change the world are either waiting to kick in during the last month, or they are never going to happen?

I had a slight panic earlier that we’re actually going into September. September! Where did the year go? So I wanted to put a list together of some of the aspects I wanted to work on this year, and how I’m getting on. As I’m trying to make this positive, I won’t dwell on the un-achieved too much, but it’s handy to reflect sometimes to bring you back in line.

Here’s some of the positive changes I’ve made this year, along with a reminder of the things I need to work on more:

1. I got a hair makeover

After talking about getting a ‘long bob’ or midi cut for soooo long, I finally did it, along with going a couple of shades blonder. I always thought that a shorter style wouldn’t suit me, and that I relied on my long hair to make me look more feminine or prettier. Sometimes long hair can ever be seen as a shield to hide behind on those days you feel really ‘ugly’ (that’s what I found anyway!). However, I opted for a good old blunt cut last month and I love it! I’m so happy I took the plunge, and I’ll probably keep it up.

2. I’ve been saving up

I set myself a £10k target at the start of the year (you can read about this here), and I’m pleased to say i’m close to reaching it! And we’re not yet in September. So as it stands, I’m possibly going to meet it – hooray! But then I have to pay for a week in Thailand for a friends wedding, a couple of hen do’s, a holiday for next year, oh and a new car. £10k what?

3. I hit my Instagram target

Along with saving £10k, I also set myself the 10k target on Instagram, in terms of followers. I’m super pleases to say that I’ve actually reached 11.2k, (at the time of writing this post) and it looks set to grow and grow! I’ve been working really hard on improving my content and engaging with other bloggers and infuencers on Instagram, and it looks like the hard work is paying off.

And here’s a shameless plus! If you don’t follow me already – why the hell not? Ha ha, just kidding, but if you do fancy it, you’ll find me at @whatemmadid_.

4. I improved my makeup artistry

Earlier on in the year I took myself on a one day masterclass in makeup artistry to give myself a ‘top up’ for my skills. I trained up around 6 years ago, and sometimes I can feel nervous before doing a job. So for 2017, I wanted to improve my skills and get more work booked in. Ultimately, I wanted to feel super confident. And as I’m writing this right now, I did a wedding two weeks ago and now I’m off to do another one today, with 3 people to do. I really do love it and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made!

5. I’ve been slacker with working out

On a more negative side, my gym sessions have been dropping slightly. I know what the problem is, which is work, because I work such long hours that by the time I arrive at the gym, it’s gone 7 pm and I’ve been sat on my backside since 7.30 am working in a busy job. By the time 7.30 pm arrives, I’m tired and lethargic. I’m still making the effort to go 2-3 times a week on a good week, but my sessions are usually short. I do need to work on toning up, or doing something which makes working out more fun. Something to spur me on and give me the energy boost I need!

6. I haven’t travelled enough

I wanted to see more of the UK and Europe this year, especially after visiting Bruges last year. But sadly, the non-existent Summer hasn’t really led me on many trips. I haven’t done too bad though – I went to Benalmadena in April, Lanzarote in July, and have an upcoming Greek cruise to Malta, Athens, Mykonos and Albania next month. But I did plan to see more of the UK destinations I haven’t explored yet (some of the places in Scotland and more of Wales). However, next year see’s me going on two big adventures, so I have that to look forward to! I love exploring other places so much.

7. I don’t see my friends and family enough

This is one which bothers me a lot, but I struggle to find the right balance. With working in Northwich, living between Manchester and Newcastle-under-lyme, focusing on my relationship, working on my blog and freelance stuff, having different groups of friends etc can mean precious time with my close ones is more limited. I love my family and my close friends so much, and making time for them is always my number 1 priority. When I don’t see/speak to them for days, weeks, I can feel quite upset. If anyone has any tips on life balance, do send them my way!

8. My future goals need defining

This isn’t a big one, but sometimes I do wonder what my future goal is. I’ve done really well in my career, but I still pack in so much around it, like running the What Emma Did business, building on my makeup artistry, and all sorts. So I obviously still want to be my own Girl Boss, running my own empire. But then with that said, I continue to grow at work and strive for a career in PR and Marketing. Maybe I’ll always be doing both, running myself ragged. Who knows…. defining a clear future goal seems to get more clouded by the day!

So there we have it, a little life recap. I actually feel so much better for putting these thoughts in a blog post, and its made me sit back and re-assess a few sectors of my life. If you’re feeling a little lost with your own goals, perhaps you could give this task a go too…

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