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Recently, with coming over to Australia and having a complete change of lifestyle, a lot of readers have been asking me about my skincare regime and if I have changed it, or grown to love any Australian brands whilst I’ve been over here. So I decided to work up a skincare post where I review Dermalogica’s mediBac clearing kit and also touch on a number of other brands and products to give you an idea of what products I have been using lately, and what I’m rating and hating!

Before I left for Aus five months ago, my skin with virtually flawless. I was on a dairy free diet and using a mixture of Elemis, Dermalogica and Garnier skincare products. I wasn’t wearing any make-up to work as I didn’t really need to, and overall I was happy with my skincare regime. However, as the sun is meant to be beneficial to most people for skin, it actually plays havoc with mine, and after five months of being in the scorching hot Australian summer sun, the odd spot likes to return and i’d rather not go foundation free as much! I have always had a good relationship with Dermalogica – Victoria Beckham swears by the products so if they are good enough for VB then I’ll have some of it too. So I bought the mediBac clearing skin kit from David Jones which contains a skin wash, sebum clearing masque, clearing mattifier, overnight clearing gel ans concealing spot treatment.


Here’s my opinions of each item, in case any of my readers are thinking of purchasing this range:

Clearing Skin Wash: Great product in terms of the quantity you need – a tiny pea sized amount is all you need and it foams and cleans brilliantly. Leaves skin soft, clean feeling and no signs of redness to say it contains a percentage of salicylic Acid. I din’t notice it rapidly clearing up any spots or marks, but it didn’t aggregate skin either. If anyone has major skin problems or suffers from acne, I wouldn’t imagine this would be a miracle cure. But it is a very effective wash for the odd skin concern.

Sebum Clearing Masque: One of my favourite items from the kit. It only contains 0.5% salicylic acid, so if you want cell renewal or fast acting red mark removal, it’s going to take a while to work. But in terms of clearing the odd spot and refining skin texture and softness, it’s great! It isn’t harsh and I leave it on for up for 30 mins sometimes even though 10 is recommended. and it works a treat.


Overnight Clearing Gel: I found this a great little product for when I have suffered a random break-out and I want a quick clear up. You simply dab the clear gel onto the area before you go to bed, and I found skin was soothed by morning. It doesn’t miraculously diminish the spots overnight, but with 2-3 nights worth of application it definitely helps with speeding up the healing process. Would recommend buying the full size version of this and keeping it by your bedside!

Clearing Mattifier: A product to be worn under make-up and moisturiser, as well as having skin clearing properties this cream aims to fill in lines and create a smooth skin texture. It melts into the skin really well and has a silicone base which makes this cream ideal for using as a primer too. I can’t really comment on it’s skin clearing abilities as I have only used this a couple of times, although I have loved the feel of the product and would rate it brilliantly as a primer.

Concealing Spot Treatment: This is a fab product for those days when you don’t want to put a full face of make-up on but you need to do a little bit of concealing, yet treating at the same time. The concealer provides a medium coverage over spots and marks, and blends into skin smoothly. If your one of those people who wants a concealer that treats at the same time, then this is a good quality concealer. Again I can’t really review the products ability to improve spots as I used this in combination with the skin wash and clearing gel at night, however I do think that all these mediBac products work well together to clear up congestion overall.

I also use the Dermalogica Clear Start Matte Moisturiser, which doesn’t come as part of the same range but it is a product I have been faithful too for a long time! If you have oily/combination skin, this is a great moisturiser. I put this on every morning and I never get any shine all day, and I have natural oily and shiny skin. It smells amazing and blends into skin well, sinking in quickly meaning I can pop my make-up on a minute after. I don’t have any tendencies to change my moisturiser, as I am happy with this one and definitely recommend it for oil/shiny/spot-prone skin types!


Speaking of currently living in Australia, I have just purchased a product from a big USA and AU brand called NeoStrata. The NeoStrata brand contains products that aim to improve skin texture, skin clarity, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration. I have had almost 5 solid months in the sun which has caused lots of freckles, red marks and sun damage to my skin, in particularly around my cheeks, so I was interested in trialing a product from this range. The product range is huge and so many of them have good reviews, but I just wanted to review the one, so I whittled it down to the Ultra Smoothing Lotion with 10% AHA. I have only used this product twice up to now so I will be posting my thoughts on it in a months time. Keep a look out!

So there’s a little skincare product update for you! I have high hopes for the NeoStrata brand so lets hope I’m not disappointed..

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