Beauty: December Beauty Favourites Roundup

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a beauty round up of my favourite products I’ve been using, so now we’re in December, what better time to recap!

I’ve been purchasing lots and lots and LOTS of new beauty launches and well established brands this month, but a couple stand out in particular as being products which have gone above and beyond my expectation. So without further waffling on, here’s a couple…

Skinsider Korean Beauty

So there’s nothing new about the Korean beauty trend – K beauty exploded last year, and has become a phenomenon across the world. However, I’ve not tried out as many Korean beauty brands as I’d have liked, but I recently received a selection of products from Skinsider which I’ve been trying out for the past couple of weeks.

The brand was inspired by the beautiful, clear skin women seemed to have in Asia, and thus developed to deliver a brand which aims to boost the confidence of women, addressing long term skin problems and those looking for a more youthful complexion.

Two of the products I’ve been trying out have been the Camellia Soombi Treatment Essence Toner and the Camellia Soombi Deep Repair Moisturizer, two beautifully packaged products which feel premium and luxe the minute you hold them. The two white glass bottles look gorgeous sat on my dresser!

The Camellia Soombi Treatment Essence Toner is a unique toner that not only hydrates skin but also provides long lasting, anti-ageing moisture and protects skin from harsh environmental stresses. To make it suitable for all skin types, the product is a uniquely soothing and hydrating toner made up of a mixture of botanical extracts, which you can find essential oils and various herbs such as tea tree, chamomile, citrus, magnolia. The tea tree works to clear up skin problems and blemishes, and chamomile works to fade redness and irritated skin.

I use the toner after cleansing, by applying to a cotton round and wiping around my face. It literally removes every last trace of makeup, especially stubborn long-wearing foundation around my jawline.

After using the toner following my morning and evening cleanse, I’ve then been using the moisturizer which aims to hydrate the skin and provide it with copious amounts of moisture. This moisturizing cream is filled with free radical-fighting antioxidants, alongside elasticising shea butter and hydrating camellia flower water, which leaves my skin feeling super soft.

The moisturizer also creates a breathable protective barrier for the complexion, and firms up the skin too, tightening up the look and feel. With regular use, the moisturizer delays the development of fine lines, dark spots and other signs of cellular fatigue.

Benefit Complexionista Palette

OK now this makeup palette from Benefit has fast become my new favourite! It arrived in my hands three days ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. And if you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ll have seen my copious amounts of insta stories showing this little beaut off!

This new one-stop-shop face palette is designed to cater to all our concealing, contouring, highlighting, and bronzing needs. No, this is not too good to be true! It also comes in the sweetest pink and gold mirrored compact palette, so all you have to do is open up the super slim case and you’ll find two boi-ing concealers, two hoola bronzers, and two shimmering highlighters. Girls, meet the Complexionista palette.

This all-in-one face destination palette consists of Benefit’s Boi-ing Industrial-Strength concealer in two versatile tints. Then, there’s the cult-favorite Hoola Matte Bronzer to warm up your complexion and cater to all your contouring needs. Aside from this, you also get the Hoola Light, the newest, lighter Hoola bronzer shade for those days you just want a more subtle glow.

Of course, no Benefit face palette would be complete without some good old-fashioned highlighter. The palette includes the Dandelion Twinkle nude-pink powder and the Watt’s Up! shimmering cream-to-powder highlighter. You can blend in the Watt’s Up! into your foundation before setting with powder, or you can dust Danelion Twinkle over your powder as a finishing touch. You can do whatever you want

The Complexionista is such a perfect pocket-sized palette, making it ideal for on-the-go makeup touch-ups. Just pop it in your purse before you head out the door, and you’re equipped for any beauty situation. It retails at £26.50, which is amazing value for these 6 hero products packed into one gorgeous palette.

Rose and Caramel Nudity Self Tan Aerosol

I love a good natural cream tan, but always prefer the ease and precision of a spray. So when I heard about Rose and Caramel launching a Nudity Self Tan Aerosol, I was hoping I was going to love it, And guess what? I really really do, hence heading to the blog and raving about it.

It’s the first ever cream based spray tan that goes onto the skin clear and virtually dry, in the form of a home use aerosol. Their special solution boasts an ultra mild scent and is packed with the highest moisturising/anti-ageing properties available within a tanning solution, which means ultra-natural results in a range of shades to match all skin types.

I’m fairly pale, but I do like to go quite dark with false tans, so the nice thing about this is that you can just layer it up to get that deeper colour. I started by first just applying one smooth layer, but soon started to layer up twice to get a more deep bronze look.

All the benefits of an effective cream based tan are loaded into this, including the following:

  • It lasts longer than water based spray tans due to its thicker consistency and density
  • It doesn’t clog pores
  • No streaking
  • It has a much milder scent
  • It hydrates the skin better
  • The cream tan pushes deeper through the epidermis layer, making the wearing off process of the tan more even
  • Gives a more natural tanned colour
  • Feels lighter and fresher on the skin
  • Has numerous anti ageing benefits

I personally feel that at-home use retail aerosol cans that provide the smoothest, natural looking tans are a thing of the future. If they can keep on creating brilliant results like Rose and Caramel’s Nudity, then it saves time booking in for expensive spray tans when you need that quick pick-me-up all over tan.

150 ml costs £19.99, and I can tell this can is going to last me a good old long time!

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