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michael kors fragrance
The final Christmas Gift Guide in my series has arrived – welcome to my fragrance gift ideas! Some say fragrances are a generic gift idea, I say definitely not. Perfumes and aftershaves are treats you don’t want tot spend money on yourself – I mean how often do you walk through Selfridges and think ‘oooh I’ll just pick up my favourite bottle of Chanel Chance?’ Very rarely- if ever- I would say. Gifting your loved ones with one of their favourite scents, or a completely new one as a surprise, is always a cherished gift, and Christmas is a fantastic time to make some fragrance gift choices!

So here is my round-up of fantastic smelling scents I would recommend if you aren’t too sure which Perfume or Aftershave to gift this year. Lets start with my very favourite one’s: no other than the Michael Kors Gold Collection…

michael kors white luminous gold
michael kors white luminous gold

This is a trio of beautiful Michael Kors perfumes for her. Including 24 K Brilliant Gold, Rose Radiant Gold and White Luminous Gold, these high shine mirror bottles are dressing table favourites as well as super smelling winners. Here’s a little write-up about each one:

24K Brilliant Gold: Designed for a woman who is feminine and alluring, this metallic gold bottled fragrance is the fragrance alternative to a show-stopping dress. So in other words – uber glam! Its bright and bedazzling body has an attractive appearance, while the aura oozes confidence. It’s a fruity floral fragrance with a rich mandarin orange aroma, together with fresh floral facets. Deep woody notes are added to the mix, bringing a true and timeless classic fragrance for her to the market.

Rose Radiant Gold: This scent is a sassy, spicy floral fragrance for women. Rose Radiant Gold is designed for a woman who has a passion for the finer things in life; the perfect sophisticated and chic fragrance for the woman who wants everything. The fragrance is reminiscent of spicy and delicate floral facets, with musk notes complementing the sweet, colourful fragrance.  A real girly scent…

White Luminous Gold: This one has the most oriental scent out of the three, and a personal favourite of mine as I love nothing more than a classic silver bottle! This decadent scent oozes femininity, luxury and style, and is inspired by the woman who lights up the room upon entering it. White Luminous Gold teams up a sparkling pear scent, smelling really soft and classic. It features middle notes of jasmine and base notes of amber, making up a signature aroma perfect for the classy ladies out there.

For a 100 ml bottle, you are looking at a cost of around £78 from The Fragrance Shop.

ferrari scent
ferarri scent
ferrari scent
Another fragrance I have discovered is this fantastic scent from Ferrari, called Noble Fig, which is a slightly unusual scent, but so so lovely…

Ferrari Noble Fig: Noble Fig by Ferrari is an aromatic green fragrance for women-  and I actually found out from a little bit of research that it’s perfect for men too! This is a new fragrance, launched in 2015, with top notes of fig leaf, pink pepper and mandarin orange, middle notes of sage and iris, and base notes are musk and patchouli. With its refreshing resinous sap, crisp green leaves, bitter stems and milky flesh, the fig evokes images of sitting under the cool shade of a fig tree somewhere in the sunbaked Mediterranean. This sophisticated scent gives me feelings of freshness and warmth. The bottle looks expensive, making it a lavish gift, and costs around £65 from Harrods.

Switching to a more luscious, sweet and feminine fragrance, I also discovered this SWD Dalliance perfume…

SWD Dalliance: She Who Dares is a fragrance and accessories brand, celebrating remarkable women and never giving up. The Dalliance fragrance is a deliciously feminine fragrance igniting the senses by delivering a flirtatious mix of fruity and floral layers. It has a tropical top note scent of white flowers, jasmine, tuberose and magnolia entwined with luscious ripe pears before resting on a sensual musky base. The bottle is super pretty and delicate, making it another dressing table favourite. It’s an ideal purchase for the real girly girls, who love a connection to accessories and fashion brands too. A 50ml bottles costs around £45 from Jarrold.

fragrance gift guide

A recommended stocking filler scent for those on a budget, or to impress the teens in the family, is one of the fresh new scents from High Street favourite River Island.

River Island, Paris: I can’t get enough of River Island for their gorgeous fashions season after season, but their fragrance collection is an area I hadn’t divulged into as yet. However, I recently tried out their Paris scent the other week and thought it was a lovely addition to their beauty range, and would make a nice little stocking filler for High Street fashion lovers. Entitled Paris, it’s a sexy mix of white flowers and creamy woods blended with dark amber and vanilla bark. An uber feminine fragrance for the fashionistas, and costs just £12 for 7ml from River Island stores or online.

david beckham beyond
david beckham beyond
And two little recommendations for the fella’s…

Adidas Uefa Star Edition: For the sports focused, ‘laddy’ lads out there, why not get them an Adidas Uefa Str Edition Eau de Toilette and body set? Perfect for younger brothers or the athletic sports keen guys, Adidas have a Uefa fragrance which goes perfectly with a deodorant body spray and shower gel, which makes an essential gift.

David Beckham Beyond: David Beckham is most people’s hero, so why not let the guys in your life smell like him too? Beyond is inspired by David’s life motto – ‘no matter how small you start, always dream big’, and is a modern masculine scent expressing of energy, determination and strength of mind. Encased in distinctively stylish, taupe packaging; Beyond opens with a mojito accord and features notes of cedarwood and leather to create a refined, daring scent for the modern man. For just £19.95, it’s a great present addition.

miu miu fragrance
And here is my recommendation for the designer lovers…

Miu Miu Fragrance: I already featured this gorgeous fragrance in a recent blog post, but wanted to include it in my Christmas round-up as I personally love it, and can’t recommend it enough if you want to get a special fragrance for a designer loving gal. The bottle is a truly unique design yet very reminiscent to the Miu Miu brand, and as it is the first Miu Miu fragrance to launch, it really captures the spirit of the brand. With a combination of Lily of the Valley and Akigalawood, it has a natural and timeless scent, making this a contemporary fragrance for the stylish woman. Take a read of my other blog post for more details!

Last but not least, the new Leighton Deny fragrance has arrived…
leighton deny touch up solid
leighton deny touch up solid
leighton deny touch up solid
Leighton Deny Light & Dark Touch up Solid: We’ve raved about the nail polish collection, now it’s time to experience the brands leap into fragrance! This Light & Dark Touch-up Solid is a travel friendly stick format fragrance, which aims to moisturise skin as well as add a lovely scent. Great for popping in your handbag and having ‘on-the-go’, this makes a lovely fragrance for ladies on the go. The scent is a fruity mixture of pepper, myrrh and incense; quite a warming perfume overall. Gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose merge with top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, peach and white pepper, making a lovely girly scent. The touch-up stick is priced at £18.50 from ID Boutique, and would be the perfect gift for busy girls, or those who are already Leighton Deny fans and trust the brand.

On another note, I have also tried out the other two new fragrances from Leighton Denny, which are Light & Dark Desire and Light & Dark Lively. These are also lovely fresh scents and cater to both men and women, making them great unisex gift ideas. Desire is a more light, fruity scent, with Lively holding a more musky scent.

I hope this post has gave you a few more insights to fragrance inspiration this Christmas! Happy shopping…

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