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la roche posay
la roche posay
Last week saw the beginning of the equinox – the official start of Autumn – and I actually felt quite nice about it. There’s something about preparing for a season of hibernating that is really comforting for me: nights in snuggled under a blanket, lighting spicy scented candles, digging out those oversized fluffy slippers and welcoming in a season of fallen leaves and a garden covered in crisp golden leaves. However, in true beauty blogger style, I’m also excited for the other aspect that comes with the new season, which is giving my beauty regime a little bit of an overhaul and re-looking at prepping my skin for a colder season.

Changes in the temperature can cause the skin’s texture and appearance to alter, and I know from experience that the colder months can make my skin really dry (mainly from lots more heating being on!), dull and temperamental. As it’s almost October, I wanted to give you all a little catch up on my current skincare regime and products, and what I will be doing more of and using more over the next few months for the Winter snap.

autumn beauty
autumn beauty
atutumn beauty

My four steps to clean, fresh, hydrated and Autumn prepped skin:

1. Always remove makeup before bedtime
Be sure to always take off your makeup before bed. It’s sometimes the last thing I feel like doing, especially tackling stubborn mascara, but it really is worth doing. It’s so important to go to bed with a clear face and let your skin heal and repair overnight. My favourite product currently is LaRoche Posay Micellar Water Gel – not only is it an ideal cleansing solution for sensitive skin, but it uses micellar water technology to remove all impurities without stressing the skin or rubbing. The texture is bubbly, which gives optimum glide, allowing a fresh feeling as the final result. It’s incredibly gentle and I can happily use this morning and night with zero irritation or redness caused. This product is a fairly new launch, costing £12.99 and so far I couldn’t be without it!

2. Cleanse thoroughly
Once all makeup is removed, it’s important to give skin a final cleanse to ensure your face is completely clean before heading for a night of sleep. My recent favourites are the legendary Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (which I have mentioned in more detail is this Liz Earle focused post), Merumaya Cleansing Balm, and the new AA Skincare Essential Lavender and Tea Tree Cleansing Face Gel. AA Skincare is a lovely skincare brand based on aromatherapy, and this new launch has brought together the world’s two most popular essential oils: balancing Lavender and refreshing Tea Tree. I find both these oils amazing for the skin to treat acne, spots, irritation and redness. It’s ultra calming and the scent is so relaxing just before bedtime. It’s a steal price-wise too, costing just £5.94 for 100ml. I’ve also been using the Lavender & Teatree Moisturising Face Lotion and Lavender Calming Multi-purpose Gel as part of a routine, and I find the range really lovely to use.

3. Take vitamins
No matter how good your skincare routine is and how beneficial your quality products are, beauty comes from within too, so Autumn is a good time to recognise this and start to ensure you take a dedicated Skin, Hair and Nail supplement. I currently like the Hair Skin and Nail Support vitamins from Natural Health Practice, which provide a great balance of vitamin C, vitamin E, grapeseed extract, selenium and zinc which can all help to slow down the ageing process. These supplement tablets also contain nutrients that help with the manufacture and strengthening of collagen (such as MSM and lysine), and other nutrients like biotin and horsetail for maintaining healthy hair and nails too.

4. Use a mask
I’ve mentioned before on the blog that it’s really important to use a face mask once a week, but it’s even more important in the run up to the colder months than at any other time. My skin becomes really dull during Autumn and Winter, so an exfoliating or peeling mask is usually better to get into the habit of using regularly so that the skin cells become renewed, all ready for a season of central heating and harsh cold winds. N Spa have a nifty little mask which is called the ‘Professional Peeling Mask’ that sloughs away at dead skin and increases turnover, promoting brighter and healthier looking skin. I’m currently really enjoying using it! Another product I feel is amazing to use for the Winter months is the St Tropez Self Tan Facial Oil, which is a lightweight, nourishing oil that builds up a gradual bronzed glow to the face, perfect for the months of no sun. At first I was a little worried about applying an oil to my face, but after a number of applications, I noticed a subtle golden glow and no breakouts, meaning it definitely works to provide moisture for the skin and a touch of colour, with no pore blocking. This has become a staple for me, which I use approximately twice a week to keep my face looking healthy and not as pasty as it was starting to go.

what emma did

If you are ready to give yourself the Autumn skincare overhaul but don’t know where to start, I hope you find my tips above useful. There are also really handy shopping search sites such as Rakuten – which is a personal favourite- which can help provide you with a complete list of health and beauty products and brands available to give you some inspiration. They also have the same sort of search for fashion and accessories, giving you lots of ideas for new Autumnal wardrobe and accessory updates. Have a little look at what products and brands are on offer, and see which you feel may work with your skin type and how to incorporate into your Autumn beauty prep.

Let’s get healthy glowing skin for the new season!

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