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I’ve heard all the negative comments regarding some of the false tans out there, and sadly, Johnson’s Gradual Tanning Body Lotion always seems to get insulted for it’s not-so-nice scent.

Not denying that the more prestigious brands such as Fake Bake, Xen-Tan and St Tropez aren’t brilliant, as I’ve never had a bad experience with them yet, but sadly I can’t always justify spending an extra £15-£20 per month on fake tan when I can sometimes grab Johnson’s for as little as 99p when it’s on offer. If I’m planning an evening out, then I’m more than happy to use other brands for that instant, shimmering tan, but for a gradual, everyday glow, Johnson’s does the job for me. It never streaks and gives my skin an even sunkissed glow from day to day. Can’t say it’s ever rubbed off onto my clothing, nor faded uber quick time.

I know it doesn’t smell the best. I’ve heard them all… “who smells of chicken?” “Oh it’s that biscuit scent again” …blah blah blah (the chicken comment was surely an exaggeration). But for a lovely colour, even coverage and a cheap price, I’m not one to grumble! I’ve even raved about it in the Daily Mirror magazine (see image!).

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