ASOS: GHD Glamour Limited Edition

I’d be very surprised these days to find a girl out there who doesn’t swear by GHD straighteners. Whether it’s waves, curls, super sleek – it seems that styling you’re hair with GHD styling tools is the must have product for females everywhere.

Not to brag (and I’m really not, but sometimes you have to express your best assets!) I have been blessed with naturally straight hair. And I mean poker straight. It’s straight to the point (excuse the awful pun) where I can’t even get the slightest big of volume, it just….hangs. But even though I have naturally straight hair, I need it smoothing out before an evening out, or special occassion, or just on some days where I actually want to make an effort for work.

So why not use GHD’s? They heat up in literally 5 seconds and produce the most amazing results. Believe me, I’ve watched friends who battle with extreme frizzy hair be transformed into sleek smooth ladies!

I recently browsed ASOS and saw that Katy Perry has embraced GHD as the  face of a lovely new range of stylers. With ASOS stocking GHD for some time now, Katy Perry has now fronted the campaign for the GHD Era collection, including Glamour Era Styler, New Wave Styler and Boho Chic Styler. Being the straightner addict that I am, I decided to test out the new Glamour Era styler.

First thing I loved was the actual package set – the straightener came complete with a beautiful oversized clutch bag with heat resistance, ideal to carry around you’re treasured styler. I was also happy to see they came with an expert guide manual, which is always good to have for any hair style tips I haven’t yet thought of, and 2 sectioning clips.

This particular styler take’s it’s inspiration from the 50’s era, encouraging you to create soft hollywood curls. The new stylers also have a built-in sleep mode, automatically switching themselves off after 30 minutes of inactive use. No more worries of burning the house down! How many of you have had to double back to your house en route to a night out to check you’ve not nicely burnt a hole in your bedroom carpet? (large show of hands expected!)

These GHD’S Era collection straighteners are all available at ASOS and are now retailing at £116! They might go back up to the RRP of £129 so I’d be quick!

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