8 Ways To Have An Organised 2020

Every year, I always try to start the year off on the right foot, and for me that includes getting organised. When my organisation skills re at their highest, I’m calmer, in control, and much more clear minded.

Even if you’re already a pretty organised person, there are probably a few things you can do to take that to the next level.

Over the Christmas period, myself and my boyfriend have been tidying and clearing out our home, making various charity shop and skip runs. From here onwards, I’ll be trying to keep up the good work.

If getting organised is one of your goals too, check out a few tips and techniques below…

Open your post everyday

Let’s start with one of the easier items on this list. Many people are guilty of letting post just pile up on a table or sideboard somewhere, especially when you can tell its junk or advertisements.

However, the more it piles up, the messier it can get. Set a goal this year to open and sort through your post each and every day. Immediately recycle any junk mail or items you are done with.Then, the post that requires follow-ups or actioning (or even just saving) take to your desk and make sure you action them on the day, or at least the next day.

Create a space for storing ‘bits’

Everyone should connect with this one: struggling for nice tidy spaces to store all those ‘things’ that have no real use. Bits, baubles, buttons…. junk that we kinda need!

If you’re lacking a proper spot for these small items, you will end up letting your junk drawer get way out of hand. In an ideal world, there would be no such thing as a junk drawer. But lets face it, we do need one. Try to save one drawer for this, and fill it with small trinkets, organisation trays and little cute dishes. It will make working your way around the drawer easier and also make it easier to put your hand to ‘things’!

Use clear storage in food cupboards

Now this one is next level organisation and I’m only at the ‘beginners’ stage of this! If you’ve ever stopped and stared at an image of a perfectly organised kitchen, with cupboards all clean and tidy, you’ll notice that all of the food staples like pasta, grains, and cereal are decanted into clear containers.

Doing this not only gives easy visualisation of food and makes it all look uniform, it also saves space in your cupboards since you’re not dealing with all different size boxes and bags. No more stacking up half open bags on top of tins and crushed boxes!

Invest in quality hangers

Wardrobe management is a tough one for me. When I run out of time, I’m guilty of shoving my clothes at the bottom of my wardrobe or into over spilling drawers. But when it comes to wardrobe organisation, investing in a set of good hangers is key.

Having a mix up of random different hangers makes it harder to move them around and look for clothing. My personal favorite are slim line velvet hangers. Plus, it gives a tidy impression, making you want to keep on top of organisation within the wardrobe!

Embrace baskets

All hail baskets! Baskets are a great secret weapon for storing items that are less than attractive on their own. They look pretty and can either be hung or sat, hiding a multitude of sins. Handwoven baskets tend to make the most beautiful pieces of home décor and are also a practical way to round up towels, toiletries, toys, laundry, craft supplies, and practically anything else you can think of.

Why not look at the large baskets that can sit on the floor to store any extra towels in the bathroom? Or, if you have a spare room or an office, to keep your crafts/paper/stationary in?

Look at getting a label maker

You can’t beat a bit of labelling for a home well under order! If you can’t see something, you won’t end up using it. You can get various label makers, or you can simply use stickers and your own handwriting, whatever suits.

You can make use of labels in every storage space in your house, from the food cupboards to the office, right through to your bathroom drawers and bedroom storage.

Get into colour coding

Colour coding is a great system for organising things like books, clothes, beauty products, craft supplies, children’s toys, and more. Not only does it look lovely, but it makes it easier to find things, too.

Try it with your wardrobe first, or perhaps a shoe rack or cabinet. I love doing it with makeup and beauty products, keeping similar colours all grouped together.

Invest in stackable storage boxes

If you don’t have a custom built-in wardrobe (which I certainly don’t, just bog standard wardrobes), stackable storage is the next best thing. Investing in clear storage boxes or cases (and stackable shoe boxes) can be a very worthy investment. Imagine opening your wardrobe and seeing a neat stack of carefully boxed away shoes in clear, stackable boxes?

On this note, IKEA do the white stackable storage units which are split into four squares. You can fill the four squares with white boxes, which are super deep and can store away any bits you like! These themselves are stackable as you can stack the units with another unit and they always look neat and tidy! They are called Kallax over on IKEA – just have a search.

Do you have any other tips for getting organised?

Share them in the comments below, please!

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