3 Tips to Help Your Summer Wedding Go off without a Hitch

So, you’re planning a summer wedding. You have lots of planning to do now that you’ve chosen a wedding date in life is about to get hectic. Azazie makes chic and stylish dresses in case you’re having a tough time finding the perfect summer wedding gown.

But, there are many other things to consider when planning an outdoor sunset wedding as well that you may have never taken into consideration.

Most people think about summer weddings and picture a beautiful sunset, a crystal beach, and a fairytale that you’d see in movies. They often forget about the heat, the UV rays, the insects, and the other potential problems that could potentially harm your most special and important day.

We’d like to help you have an amazing summer wedding with your friends, family members, and other invited guests. Please use the tips we’re about to share with you to ensure your wedding is truly the special event that it deserves to be.

Tip #1: Your Guests Will Need Relief from the Heat

Hosting a safe summer wedding should be your top priority so you definitely need to keep your guests in mind. They need to remain comfortable, refreshed, and have the ability to get out of the heat on a hot summer day. You have to provide a way to get relief from the heat while they attend your wedding event.

You may happen to love the sun and you’ll have no trouble spending your entire day in its glorious raise. Some of your guests might be older, out of shape, or just have a difficult time handling the sun. So you definitely need to keep this in mind.

One way to provide relief is to rent tents with portable air-conditioning systems inside. Your guests can walk into the cooled tents when they are overheating and have the chance to experience cooling relief. This will help your guests avoid passing out or overheating during the wedding ceremony.

You should also have ice buckets scattered throughout the wedding and reception filled with freezing cold bottles of water. Make sure the water is easily accessible so your guests can take a refreshing drink whenever one is needed.

Tip #2: Serve Lighter Summer Food during the Reception

Do you know what doesn’t mix? Excessive heat and heavy food. So you definitely have to consider creating a seasonal menu for your guests if the wedding is going to remain outdoors during the summertime.

As an example, having local fresh produce available is definitely a good idea. This is a light and healthy fare that your friends and relatives will enjoy. You could create fruit skewers, vegetable-based appetizers, fruit pies, tarts, frozen fruit cocktails, and even add ice pops to the menu if you’re feeling adventurous.

No matter what, just make sure your food is light, fluffy, and easy to handle while out in the heat. Otherwise, your guests are going to feel stuffed, unhealthy, and extremely hot which is something you would definitely rather avoid.

Tip #3: Timing Is Everything during an Outdoor Wedding

Guess what? Beginning your wedding ceremony during the late morning or early afternoon is a recipe for disaster. It’s just too hot during those times of the day.

Instead, you should begin your wedding during the late afternoon or early evening. It’ll be much cooler so your guests will not have to spend too much time in the sweltering heat. Plus, the temperature will be nice and welcoming and you’ll probably have a cool breeze in the evening. Your wedding will be so much better because you waited for the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it can get very tricky hosting an outdoor wedding. You need to provide relief from the heat, light food that’s easy to digest in the sun, and timing your wedding is also important.

It’s also necessary to bring sunblock and bug protection for your guests as well. So keep that in mind and use the tips we’ve shared today to make your wedding even more special than it already is.

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