11 Important Things You Should Carry If Your Car Breaks Down

Driving might be anything easy and exciting to do when you have four wheel drives or power steering wheels. Sure you can have smooth rides even in worse road conditions, yet there are a few occurrences wherein your vehicle can disappoint you.

Now and then, your very good quality vehicles can get stuck in mud or you may experience circumstances that are inappropriate like fire and motor breakdown. With the chance of these things occurring, it is always advised to come prepared for undesirable occurrences like these. Mind you, your mechanic might be hundreds of miles away.

So to speak, underneath are a portion of the important things that you have to carry with you consistently and can be useful when your car breaks down.

Early warning devices (EWDs)

These are indicators that warn oncoming pedestrians or vehicles of a car breakdown ahead of them. This way, they can slow down significantly to avoid slamming into your vehicle. They can also call the attention of people who can possibly help you in cases when you need a tow or if you need someone with an expertise in auto mechanics.

But still you need 100% back up and in such cases the importance of breakdown coverage cannot be under looked. For example, AA Ireland breakdown assistance serves most of the UK and Ireland, do not only complete up to 80% of repairs on the roadside so you can continue your trip, but could go as far as getting you an alternative car, or arranging towing and accommodation for you if need be.

First aid kits

At all times it is necessary to carry a first aid kit with you which can at least be used to treat minor cuts or wounds while trying to perform repair works. You might feel this is not necessary until you are faced with such a situation.

Fire extinguisher

You will never realize how helpful this is until you are faced with a fire crisis. This can happen when you smoke inside your vehicle or in any case your car begins to indicate smoke. On the off chance that this happens, you can keep your vehicle from exploding with the help of a fire extinguisher.


Imagine you need to find something that has rolled under the seat. You’ll also need a flashlight to look under the dashboard or in places where the interior lights are not bright enough. Use it outside if you need to check the vehicle tires, motor operation, fluid levels, flat tires etc.


This is necessary if you are in an accident and cannot open a door or get through a window. The only thing you will be left with is a hammer to break open whatever cannot be opened. Some insurance policies will cover the cost of such damage.

Scissors (seat belt cutter)

An accident can damage the seatbelt clasps where they will not release on demand. Seat Belts are difficult to cut without a sharp tool. You might even use it if you get stuck when the clasps malfunction in normal operation for you or your family. Try to keep it close to the driver’s seat.

Jack and accessories

The jack and its accessories are necessary in case a tire fires or runs flat. These can be used to change the tire and mount the spare.

Tire pressure gauge

It is always necessary to monitor your tires at your earliest convenience. Why not take advantage of your breaks or while refueling your car?

Shovel and sand

A shovel is needed to clear the snow away especially if you run into a snow pile and have to dig yourself out.

Blanket (hand or feet warmers)

You will definitely need something to keep you warm if you get stuck in one of those crazy winter storms.

Snacks and water

You should consider having non-perishable snacks and water in your car at all times in case you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If you prepare for your trips by loading your car with such tools as mentioned above, you are sure to have a successful trip whether you have a breakdown at some point or not.

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