Simple Tips on How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Good vision is one of the most precious things we possess, but unfortunately, not everyone is aware of its importance until they face eye problems.

However, that is something that is completely preventable, and through a range of different actions, we can ensure a sharp vision and good health of our eyes. Here are five simple tips on how you can do just that.

Limit your exposure to computer screens

We live in a digital era, a time when the majority of the day is spent looking at different screens. From the moment we wake up in the morning until the minute we go to bed in the evening, our eyes are constantly exposed to a variety of digital devices. For a number of people nowadays, the day starts by checking the mail in the morning using their smartphone, then for the next couple of hours they work at the computer, and then in the evening, they spend their free time watching TV.

All this can affect your eye health severely and may cause eyestrain, dry eyes, blurry vision, and issues focusing on objects in the distance. In order to protect the eyes, it would be best if you’d limit the amount of time you spend using these devices throughout the day if that’s possible.

Get protective eyewear

Another great way to protect your eyes and keep them healthy is to invest in protective eyewear. With the rise in the use of reading and visual aids in countries such as Australia, where more than 6 in 10 people wear glasses and contact lenses, it seems this issue is affecting individuals who spend a majority of their time doing jobs that require using computers.

As the percentage steadily rises, Australians are starting to see the importance of wearing protective eyewear in order to protect their eyes and maintain their health.

Many people from Sydney choose to book a Macquarie Centre optometrist and schedule an appointment – with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and friendly and knowledgeable staff, they’re able to get the best eye care and eyewear for their needs, thus ensuring a sharp vision and healthy eyes.

Follow a balanced, healthy diet

The key to living a healthy lifestyle, developing good eating habits is also an effective way to maintain the health of your eyes. What you eat is what you are, and the food choices you make on a daily basis are in direct correlation with your eye health.

Therefore, make a conscious decision to implement some changes when it comes to your diet, and try to eat foods that can improve your eyesight. Vitamins C and E are particularly helpful with maintaining the health of your eyes, while omega 3 fatty acids help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration, common age-related eye issues. Try to eat fatty fish and citrus fruits, and enrich your diet with leafy greens and non-meat protein sources to help preserve your eye health.

Wear only high-quality eye makeup products

We put on our makeup every morning without even thinking about it but rarely do we stop and wonder aboutthe possible risks we’re exposing our eyes to. When cosmetic products are not used properly, or they’re used after they expired, it can lead to a number of eye-related issues, such as scratching of the cornea and bacterial infections such as conjunctivitis. Allergies are another factor that needs to be considered when purchasing and applying makeup.

If you happen to be sensitive to certain ingredients, make sure to check the list of ingredients on the label. Some brands will label their products as hypoallergenic, making it easier for you to find the makeup products that suit your needs.

Keep your hygiene levels optimal

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and keeping your hygiene levels optimal and washing your hands and face regularly is a great way to ensure your eyes don’t come in touch with harmful bacteria.

This rule especially applies to individuals who wear contact lenses, since they need to insert and remove contact lenses on a daily basis and have to touch their eyes frequently, which can increase the risk of infections. Also, if you tend to rub your eyes a lot, try to get rid of this unhealthy habit, or at least make sure they’re clean before you touch your face. If you can’t wash your hands, get a practical hand sanitizer you can bring with you.

Good vision helps us perform a variety of different actions every single day, so it’s important to put in some time and effort to make sure they’re properly cared for. With these five tips in mind, you’re on a good path of preserving your eyesight and maintaining eye health.

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